Natural Wood Stain 160 0.75L



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Product Description

Auro Natural Wood Stain 160

Withstand wind and weather: AURO woodstains offer longterm protection from wind and weather without damaging the environment. Particularly wooden elements on houses, such as;

  • façades,
  • gables
  • car ports,

Parents can also breathe easily: the Auro Natural Wood Stain has been tested for resistance to saliva and perspiration. So it is also suitable for the treatment of children’s toys, both indoors and out.

Why Use Aruo Natural Wood Stain 

Any wooden components which require protection because temperature fluctuations and water affect wood so badly that moisture gets in and the wood swells, then in dry periods it contracts again. This results in the natural material becoming porous, pale and forming cracks which allow moisture in.

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