Get Your Tidy On!

KonMari Method™ Fundamentals of Tidying

Marie personally guides you through her famous KonMari Tidying Method,
teaching you everything you will need to know from folding techniques and
storage solutions to discovering what sparks joy for you.

Defeat clutter once and for all …
Transform your space … and your life

Get ready to experience the life-changing magic of tidying up!

Let’s do this together … and let your KonMari Consultant, me … guide you using this visual aid to take you through the KonMari fundamentals of tidying.

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The questions of what you want to own, is actually the question of how you want to live your life?

Tidying up and reassessing your belongings helps you identify what really matters – and clarifies what you value in life.  When you tidy your space, you tidy your mind and by doing so, you set the scene for a dramatic transformation – and your entire life will begin to spark joy …

This is the life changing magic of tidying!
Marie talks through the Six Rules of Tidying Up

01 Commit yourself to your tidying journey
02 Imagine your ideal life
03 Finish discarding first
04 Tidying by category, not by location
05 Follow the right order
06 Ask yourself if it Sparks Joy?

She started it. Learn how to tidy from Marie herself, the pint-size powerhouse whose KonMari MethodTM sparked a tidying revolution.

It’s about joy. Marie expands on the philosophy behind her life-changing technique – and reveals why it works.

The true goal of tidying is to clear away clutter so you can live the life you want. But first, you must picture that life in concrete detail. If you’re serious about tidying in a way that will change your life forever, this is the most important step – it cannot be skipped.

In the course of tidying, things can get messy. Marie shares her expert advice on getting started – and following through – with tidying.

Conquer the first category in the KonMari MethodTM! With Marie as your guide, learn how to determine if your clothes spark joy, master the famous KonMariTM fold and store your joy-sparking items.

Marie believes that all our belongings have a life force – and books are no exception. Wake them up to rediscover your interests and hone in on your values.

Marie’s plan for papers? Get rid of all of them! For those you must keep, she shares her fool proof system for categorizing and organizing them.

Tidying komono, or miscellaneous items, can be daunting – but not for Marie. She coaches you on how to tidy all of your stuff one sub-category at a time.

When you tidy by category in the order prescribed by the KonMari MethodTM – clothes, books, papers, komono and sentimental items – you strengthen your sensitivity to what sparks joy. Now that you’ve arrived at the most challenging category – your keepsakes, treasures and cherished mementos – you have the tools you need to tidy with confidence. Marie shows you how to store these belongings in a way that sparks joy.

When you put your house in order, you make space to discover what you really want to do. Marie shares her daily rituals for living joyfully.

Marie Kondo tells Drew Barrymore  she mastered the KonMari Method!

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“Marie Kondo: decluttering in the time of Covid: Who better to help us find order in the chaos of the pandemic than the supreme tidier herself?” – Financial Times

As a KonMari Consultant I can help you achieve your … tidying goals… including on a virtual basis, just like Marie!

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