Personal Styling and Wardrobe Management

Do you want to look put together rather than thrown together?  Some people find it really difficult to know what clothes to wear and

for the main part, what style suits them best.  It’s important that you feel great in what you wear.

It’s so easy to get stuck in a style rut and just wear the same things day in and day out, like leggings/joggers and oversized baggy sweatshirts and jumpers.  All body shapes, sizes and style dilemmas can be catered for, the goal is always to make you look and feel gorgeous!  

The trick is to make your outfit work for you and show off your best asset.  In collating ensembles for your wardrobe, it’s important to cater for each aspect of your lifestyle to ensure that this is reflected with items for; work, smart/casual wear, loungewear, sportswear/hobbies and evening wear … so you have outfits for every occasion.  It’s also good to change things up a bit and mix smart with casual, like putting a tailored jacket with a pair of dark jeans, heels and with a silky top to create a smarter luxury look accessorised with matching clutch bag and some statement jewellery.  

As stylists we take our direction from what you love and really listen to what you want to achieve, your vision and best version of you.  We help you choose colours that compliment your skin tone and styles that really flatter and enhance your best attributes.

What style do you want in your life?  What will get your mojo back?  Show more of your personality through your clothes, bring this back into your wardrobe and put the fun back into choosing what you wear.  Don’t get caught up in following trends … we help you find your own style, that you are comfortable with and find easy to wear.  This will build your confidence and take years off of your look/age. 

Heels make your foot look more elegant and your leg look longer in addition to making you taller, so they are a girl’s best friend (along with diamonds of course!).  Even if you can’t rock a high heel, kitten heels can still have a similar effect.  Heels and flatforms help with posture and definitely give a sense of presence too!  

Dressing to suit your body shape is key, as hiding your shape by wearing baggy clothes over compensates and can often create the opposite of the desired effect.  There are so many ways to work with your body shape that are really flattering and it makes such a difference wearing the right size clothes as it completely changes your silhouette and helps you create your own identity.

Wardrobe staples tend to be … 

Pair with smart or casual attire.

Straight cut is often a good choice, however, go with whichever fit is best for your body shape

A wardrobe must have, can be worn as smart casual workwear or dressed up for evening wear for a more glamorous look with carefully curated accessories.

They look amazing with jeans, a tee, shirt and jacket.  Also great with long skirts and dresses

A smart or smart/casual and very versatile piece that looks great with so many garments 

Looks wonderful paired with leather trousers/jeggings, black strappy sandals and sunglasses for an effortlessly cool look

Can be worn with a floaty dress or skirt in addition to jeans and trousers

Earrings, a bracelet and/or a necklace adds that touch of glitz and glamour

Great paired with a tee or camisole

A simple quality jumper is a versatile addition

Wear with anything, including dresses and skirts

Which is spacious enough to carry all your essentials, while elevating every look in your wardrobe

Shirt, dress or skirt, something that zhuzhes up your look

the classic that can be teamed with a casual or smart top to create the desired look

Choose something that suits but is eye-catching and adds some va va voom

NB: Of course, the black can be swapped out for another colour, lots of people choose, navy, grey or brown as there go colour base.

Be sure to avoid colours that make you look washed out and choose fabrics, prints, styles and colours that instantly bring your look to life … as adding a pop of colour can brighten your look and lift your mood.  Styling details visually draw the eye to them for example a rolled-up sleeve or jean hem for a more casual style, while wearing a sash tied belt to the side detracts from a waistline and using a french tuck on a top with jeans, is a more subtle way of drawing emphasis to your waist.    

And last, but not least, never forget to accessorise – you can literally make or break an outfit with accessories!  

What’s your style combination?
Professional and polished, corporate tailored, vibrant and bold, country casual, cool and edgy, elegant and sophisticated, chic and stylish, girly and pretty and to name but a few … the options are limitless. 

Gaps in your wardrobe?
This is what is meant when you go to choose an outfit to discover that you don’t have the right footwear to finish the look, or, the lovely sleeveless dress you are wearing, really needs the option to add a jacket, duster, shrug, pashmina to cover your arms and keep you a little warmer.  It’s so important to look the different ways of wearing your clothes together to establish a greater variety of outfits and find those important gaps and create your gap shopping list!

My fashion shoot photos show a variety of options for collating ensembles for various occasions and transitioning a look from day to eveningwear.  

Are you ready to freshen up your look and inject some style and sass?
Then let’s get started … and have some fun!