Anne’s ‘In Person’ & ‘Virtual’ KonMari Tidying Festival  

Anne heard that I was embarking on my KonMari Consultants Course in New York and wondered if she could be my first client.  I said that I’d love to help her, so

we arranged to meet to go through what was entailed in undertaking the KonMari Tidying Festival.

The Tidying Festival is a one-off life time event and the KonMari Method takes you on a tidying journey that includes going through every item that belongs to you in your home.

I imparted the importance of remembering to Finish discarding first, as only then are you able to organise and store the items you love and put them away.

Traditionally, tidying has been done by room, however, the KonMari method is different, as it designates that you Tidy by category and not by location.

The entire method is about keeping and cherishing all that you love by Asking yourself it if Sparks Joy!

I informed Anne that each category is approached by locating all items that fall within it, placing them in a pile and picking up each item to Joy check.  When you’ve let go with gratitude those items that no longer Spark Joy, you are subsequently surrounded simply by what you love.

Having talked through how the KonMari Tidying Festival works, I checked to see if Anne had any further questions.  She wondered how long each category would take?  I informed her that most tidying sessions lasted 5 hours and that if the category wasn’t fully completed within this time, that ‘homework’ would then be set.

Client Q & A and feedback session – to aid understanding of the KonMari Method

I’d like to get rid of the unnecessary ‘baggage’ accumulated over 20 years. I had learned that it’s best to keep it, as it might come in handy one day, (only it probably isn’t)!

You’re right, it’s definitely best not to keep something because it might come in handy, that’s taboo!  The only reason should be because you love it!

Our cottage is small, sweet and I’d like to see the corners.  I want people to think it looks amazing because we fell in love with a beautiful home.

Great stuff … and it’s definitely achievable.

Because we cannot see the corners right now!

Your answer made me smile – we declutter first as there is no point in keeping an item if you don’t love it, or, find it incredibly useful.  Otherwise, you take up lots of storage space you don’t have, for items you don’t care about or use.

Tidying away items does not give them their own space/purpose – yes, that’s right in part.

Decluttering properly, ensures we care for the items we love and keep, verses not decluttering, which completely hinders the process as there is too much to store and put away.

Ones we use or love.  Clothes I wear regularly should be kept, but not dresses if I won’t ever wear them!

Yes, sort of, although importantly – you should only keep the items that you truly love, as anyone can wear anything, just because you wear it, doesn’t mean you love it!

Find a way to display them/look after them, so they’re accessible and will be used and loved.

Perfect!  The whole KonMari method is about truly valuing and being mindful of every item we own, from a small teaspoon … to our homes that provide a safe haven, give us shelter, warmth and hopefully a sense of wellbeing.  It’s all about having a true sense of ‘gratitude’.

If we can’t see things, we cannot use them or appreciate them!

Yes, you’re right.  If you’re storing items you can’t see, can’t use and aren’t properly caring for, then why keep them at all?  Giving each item its very own home, is the key to success.

It allows us to get used to the process as we go through the categories, becoming more familiar as we’ve already done it.

Yes, it’s all about further honing your skill to what truly Sparks Joy!

NO! It’s important only to keep what you love.

Yes indeed.  It’s not about what you let go, as that’s gone, forgotten, you don’t love it, so it doesn’t matter.  What you keep and being surrounded by all the things you absolutely love, is like having a big hug back from your home!

Don’t buy it if you don’t truly love it.  Don’t keep it if you don’t use it.  Let it go with gratitude!

Yay! Exactly.  Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions … so by conscientiously taking the decision to keep what we love; this will make us mindful of future purchases too!

Clearer space = clearer minds.

Yes, it makes a world of difference to look around your home and know that in less than 30 minutes you can put everything away, because it all has a home where it belongs!

Regret it?  I don’t!

Very good, I’m really pleased, however, that’s not it!  The one thing you should never do is stop!  The Tidying Festival process should be a continuous evaluation of your possessions until you have worked through each of the categories, as this is gives you a real feeling of achievement and momentum to carry you through into the next category.

The whole method is self-rewarding because the transformation is massive.  It’s like having a reset button to a new life.  Anne stated that her goal was to emerge from lockdown with her dream home … and I’m delighted to say that she has accomplished exactly that!  It’s a remarkable achievement that has totally changed and improved her home and life.